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Metroid Subzero by Conner [MZM Quick Play], rated by Spedimus on Mar 22, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
94% in 0:30
Good hack, better than Deep Freeze
One Room ZM hack (ing-ing) by ing-ing [MZM Quick Play], rated by Spedimus on Dec 28, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
90% in 0:10
Time is in Min:Seconds

Small but fun hack, Rios are fun to fight and not just annoying. Would be fun to speedrun.
Metroid: Combat by Multi-Man [MZM Quick Play], rated by Spedimus on Nov 20, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
% in 0:40
Solid hack idea, and fun to play. What more could you want, really? The secrets were fun to find, and subsequent playthroughs were just as fun as the first. Mecha Ridley looks amazing.

Few complaints though, the enemies aren't that interesting outside of mini bosses and bosses(though that's more of a ZM problem if anything). Since the combat options you have at your disposal are only your beam, fighting bosses with larger health pools can get a bit tedious. I was also disappointed that the platforming was kind of all over the place in terms of difficulty. For example, stage 1 had a great starting difficulty, but stage 3 was mostly just hallways.

Don't get me wrong though, despite the shortcomings this is absolutely worth a playthrough. I hope to see a sequel with upgrade progression outside of just increasing energy, and seeing that applied to the platforming as well as enemies. A hack with this type of gameplay would work much better as a Fusion hack, as there's just so much more to work with in terms of enemy variety IMO. A hack like this that is extremely fleshed out could be amazing.
Metroid Fusion Repalette by MollyAncalime, Doc 4non & JKMaxx [MF Improvement], rated by Spedimus on Mar 02, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
64% in 1:21
This hack definitely did what it set out to do. The re-palettes in each area were amazing. Some of my personal favorites were underwater AQA and NOC. The recolored Varia Suit from M:SR is a welcome change. There's a lot of great QOL changes.

I still have a few gripes outside of the re-colors. During the powerbomb event you can trigger the computer's error message by bomb jumping out of SA-X's encounter room. There were also some bugs involving monologues having too much text, specifically at during the epilogue. There were just some buggy messages in general. Also, IMO, Samus's monologues really didn't need to be changed. I enjoyed the references to previous Metroid titles though.

Overall, a solid improvement of vanilla Fusion.
Metroid: Return to Zebes by alexman25 [MZM Exploration], rated by Spedimus on Feb 02, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
25% in 0:30
I've played every version so far. 2.2 is definitely the best. It fixes many minuscule bugs present in previous versions. The physics were also fixed from 2.1.

The hack itself is fairy short, but that's not a bad thing. Each room is packed so that no section feels useless or empty. I love the amount of sequence breaking potential. The exploration felt great. I was constantly keeping mental notes of previous places I couldn't get to.

Some Specifics:
The Spore Spawn-ish boss was neat and the build-up was great. Definitely not something I would have thought of doing. I'm also glad there was still Maridia to explore after Ridley. Also, that Gravity Suit palette. 10/10 in my books. Unfortunately, the music in certain areas (Brinstar in specific) can get a little... crunchy. Also, the Chozo Guardian fight is pointless. This is just more of a personal preference, but I found it disappointing that the only boss you actually need to fight is Ridley. I actually stumbled into the Varia Suit room by accident, oddly enough.

I thoroughly enjoyed this hack. I just wish there was more.
Samus Goes To The Fridge To Get A Glass Of Milk by kkzero [MF Spoof], rated by Spedimus on Mar 05, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
% in 0:01
Funny hack, finished it in like, 1 minute. Good speedrun hack
Samus' Turkey Journey by Sapphron [MZM Quick Play], rated by Spedimus on Dec 01, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
90% in 0:06
It's not awful, and it's also playable. Good contest hack
And if it means anything, I thought the bugged save station was funny
Metroid Fusion 9yin Version by GuduJimoYigeren [MF Exploration], rated by Spedimus on Mar 23, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Pointless changes in the beginning, and lots of stupid changes otherwise. Found the first missile tank, quit after sector 1. It's just a more annoying vanilla, what's the point?

Didn't finish