Lost World
Release date: Dec 20, 2015
Author: TROM
Download: Version 2.0 [UH] (1673 downloads)
Genre: Exploration [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 19:13
Average collection: 106%
Read Me: [None]
Forum Thread: Release Thread
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
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The Story: At the end of the known galactic systems, lies an abandoned planet for the civilization that was there, now is extinct… Called “Lost World”, this planet is still wild and nature has grown free from dominate species, pollution or whatever could modified it…

But, watch satellites have detected “Hunters” spaceships movements around the area of XELIA, it’s veritable name. Some “hunters” are supposed to capture creatures to sell them. Maybe some trapped species are used to be slaves or forced to serve in galactic circus.

The high galactic federation called the famous detective Samus Aran to investigate on planet XELIA for stopping the traffic immediately!

Our heroine is brought in a new adventure full of danger : a whole new planet to explore filled with hostile and wild creatures where “hunters” are ready for all to continue their lucrative traffic!

The Hack: new planet, enemies, huge areas… Must know wall jump and mid-air morph but not a hard game… For ALL players! Have fun!
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Ratings and Reviews
By jamablues on Nov 08, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
99% in 0:00
I can not believe no one has rated this game!? Awesome stuff here! Warp stations...all new worlds... key doors that have to be unlocked. Game is hard AF, but still awesome. You will about die when you finally find the first super missile that can be obtained with out a SM :( not sure how long i spend but it was over the course of 3 weeks at least. Great job!

Lot's and lots of animals saved lol
By Syphon on Nov 11, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
107% in 15:22
This review is for version 2.0.

----Original Review (TL;DR I got softlocked and quit. Since I didn't give it a fair chance before I played through it completely and finished it. Skip to the new review below.)----

Alright, I did not finish this.

This hack has softlocks in the sense that you can access areas (without using advanced techniques so it's not really sequence breaking) you shouldn't be in without required items and a few unmorph permastucks in some cases. Seriously, did he not have any testers?

Entering the Mountains area means you can't go back in case you missed CHARGE BEAM (easy to find but can be missed) which you need for a certain boss since you don't have enough missiles to beat it.

Same area, some time after you get Power Bombs, you fall down a shaft with a morph tunnel on the left with a blue gate that wasn't properly blocked off I guess? If you go this way you will be softlocked. The author expects you to have Grapple Beam in that area so you can get Speed Booster to get out.

I quit there because I unfortunately saved at the Save Station in the Grapple-required area and did not feel like doing everything over again especially since there are likely even more places to get softlocked. Really made me angry.

I cannot recommend this hack in this state. You will possibly get softlocked or permastuck at some point because the author didn't polish/test the hack despite it being 2.0. It's a shame too because what I played up to that point was pretty decent.

EDIT: In response to Sapphron: Especially since it is an Exploration hack I expect that normal exploration without sequence breaking will not get the player softlocked. Even if you allow the player to enter areas that they shouldn't be in you should at least let the player go back.
A polished hack should be expected if it is already at version 2.0.

----Review after completion----

I finished it! To my surprise those two soflock situations mentioned above in my original review were the only major ones I found. There are a few unmorph permas and you can also get permastuck when getting the Thermo Suit if you grab it from a weird angle.

Anyway, this hack is really good. Exploration-wise it really is one of the best. Afaik this is the second biggest hack to date. Really impressive. Only Metroid Mission Rescue is bigger but I can't stand that one.

The areas are massive but pretty easy to navigate. I like that the map has icons that show you important locations where Grapple Blocks, regular gates, and Speed Boost blocks are.

Plenty of places to get items early if you know how to IBJ.
Lots of secrets. Items are hidden very well.

The custom graphics are nice.
Level design like was good and like I said easy to navigate and many secrets.

The game teases you with Super Missiles and Super blocks all the way through until you finally get them.

Some things I didn't like:
-Invisible Grapple blocks. Like in Hydellius they only exist to give X-Ray a purpose and even then sometimes they can't even be revealed with X-Ray or bombs. That goes for some items and secrets paths too.
-Speaking of Grapple blocks, don't make them only stay broken for a second. It's a slight annoyance.
-The solution for the Light Gate in the Hilly Swamps should have a hint. You basically only find out by randomly trying.
-The extreme backtracking one has to do for those endgame doors. That's my biggest critique for this hack. Really tedious even when you are fully loaded and practically invincible. Even more tedious when you just backtracked to get all those Super Missiles and have to go the same paths again.
-I wish there would have been a proper escape.
-Ridley was hard. I said the same in my Hydellius review. I'm bad at fighting him though so that didn't help.

The difficulty isn't too hard but I disagree with the author's statement that Hydellius is easier. I also believe the difficulty should be put under "Veteran".
Enemies hit hard and the exploration difficulty is much higher here.
If you are familiar with Super Metroid hacks and know some tricks this hack should be beatable.
I believe Short Charge was required once or twice.

Lost World is an impressive hack. The effort that went into this hack paid off. If you are fine with lenghty hacks, don't mind backtracking a lot and love exploration hacks this is worth checking out. Just be careful with those softlocks and unmorph permastucks I mentioned above in the early game.
By Sapphron on Nov 12, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
106% in 14:22
Damn good hack, one of the best exploration hacks.
This hack has some great design and graphics, and pretty good level design for the most part. However as Syphon mentioned, there are a few problems with the hack. It's an exploration hack though, what do you expect? Permastucks in a lot of places too, but that's typical TROM. You get used to it honestly.
The door hunt at the end of the game is quite obnoxious though. The map that's included makes it a lot less painful though.
Also, maximum percentage is 117%.
By MetroidMst on Jan 19, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
103% in 12:55
I am glad TROM kept going after his first two hacks both kind of fell into some serious traps and tropes. There is still one major TROMism in that Supers are everywhere and all blocked by Super blocks. Besides that though, a lot was learned and implemented really well into this hack.

Lost World is a giant hack, with a lot to explore, and a nice little warp area to help you traverse the large map more quickly. This hack does include another locking gate system, which is both majorly improved over Hydellius, and is a reason for some frustration.

The good: It's just to unlock the final area, no more progression is blocked by these gates.
The bad: You can catch a glimpse of the locks, but the view you get makes it look like there are less than half of the total gates you need to unlock. That was my biggest point of frustration with the hack.

Besides that though, I really do recommend this hack. It's large, expansive, and flows much better for the player overall. I did break Super Missiles early, so that probably helped a little as I was able to do a lot of progression right then and there, but I still think this hack would've played well if I didn't do that. I highly recommend this hack for people who like taking their time and exploring.
By Metaquarius on Jun 27, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Reminder that bigger isn't always better. Those neverending massive rooms literally killed my interest after a while. Did not finish.
By METROID4U on Sep 04, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
112% in 29:04
TROM built an interesting world for the ROM Hack community here. The difficulty rating isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the items are set up in a fair manner to where the average Super Metroid Player can find them.

The Gates near the end of the game are not as friendly to new Super Metroid players. Where backtracking and item hunting go hand in hand with well-placed One-way doors, are the keys hidden among the rooms they are to be searched in. All together, I've accrued 261 Missiles, 95 Super Missiles, 35 Power Bombs, and 14 E-Tanks. To a completed rating of 112%, this does not sit well with me. as i have no gray areas to explore for more expansions.

Perhaps a map with Expansion locations are necessary to complete the game. (I sure as heck used one for the Gates) I feel that this hack isn't polished enough for a fair X-Ray Scope item hunt, whereas the items are gated from you based on your equipment. I'll freely admit that the Hydro Suit was one of (if only) the most difficult upgrade for progression, but, a hack that's designed around multiple paths and One-Ways where you're locked out until you have a specific upgrade or have destroyed the enemies in the room is where the line is clearly showing the skill cap needed to enjoy this game's expansive and well thought out environment.
By infinality on Dec 08, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
109% in 24:13
I was looking for a long exploration hack and this one hit the spot. I'm about 95% through but trying to find all items (there are a lot). I've played 20 or so exploration hacks and would consider myself a veteran but not an expert. I agree with another reviewer that this should be classified as "veteran" and not "vanilla". This game is relatively hard and I would not expect a casual player to be able to deal with this hack.

The levels are well-thought through for gameplay early and later in the game and TROM clearly spent a long time creating this. Before you find super missiles, it's pretty overwhelming because there is so much area to cover, and hard to remember spots where you can progress once you get a new item. So there is a lot of covering the same areas many times looking for something you might have missed.
I sequence-broke and got supers the "wrong" way, and used IBJ quite a bit to maybe get to spots I wasn't supposed to be at yet, which could have added to the confusion.

There were several times I thought I was soft-locked or stuck for various reasons, but there is usually a way out if you search long enough. One complaint is that there were some spots where it was unclear to me if I'm "supposed" to use an advanced technique or if I'm sequence-breaking by doing it. Draygon is a good example of this, and you might understand once you are there. Another complaint is that it is easy to miss charge beam in the mountains, as someone else mentioned. You can still get past a "certain boss" if you find a beam weapon first, even if you don't have enough missiles.

There is no way I would have attempted this without savestates, as there are some very specific, tricky mechanics at some points that will be annoying time-wasters if you don't execute them consistently. Lots of various techniques are required if you want to get everything, especially Tidal Beam. I learned how to execute one that I've never been able to do before when trying to get that one. Thank you savestates!

I recommend this hack if you are into exploration and are OK doing or learning some harder techniques.
By lowkey on Jan 01, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
105% in 19:27
By Kremit44 on Jan 07, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
By metalridley6 on Feb 07, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Man, i do the best i can to like this game, i REALLY want to give this game a chance, but i simply can't...

The custom tiles, backgrounds, palettes and sprites are fucking beautiful, gives a new fresh look to the game many other hacks can't give, but unfortunately the only redeeming quality about this hack is the art, enemies are INSANELY strong (strongest flying-swarm-type enemies i've seen in a sm hack, for example), the new mechanics are bad, missiles have a 2/3 second firerate momentum now, which looks like a fucking E T E R N I T Y for metroid standards! Not only that, you only get 2 missiles per pack (but that ins't necessarily bad either ins't it? Eris did it and is a great hack!). New gates are a pain in the ass to find, unlike axeil edition that shows on the map the key items to enter the final zone, this game basically tells you ''fuck you, search the gates everywhere in this sparse, large world without any tip, good luck'', speaking about item hunting, till today i've never found an OFFICIAL way to get the first super missile pack, all of the gameplays i've watched and even in my own gameplay, the player have to do some tricky warping glitch somewhere in the volcano zone to get it. BTW this game do have a thing with puzzles involving those nautilus guys uh?

TL;DR game has exploring, backtracking and mechanic problems

Didn't finish

Do not recommend

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