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Lost World by TROM [SM Exploration], rated by METROID4U on Sep 04, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
112% in 29:04
TROM built an interesting world for the ROM Hack community here. The difficulty rating isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most of the items are set up in a fair manner to where the average Super Metroid Player can find them.

The Gates near the end of the game are not as friendly to new Super Metroid players. Where backtracking and item hunting go hand in hand with well-placed One-way doors, are the keys hidden among the rooms they are to be searched in. All together, I've accrued 261 Missiles, 95 Super Missiles, 35 Power Bombs, and 14 E-Tanks. To a completed rating of 112%, this does not sit well with me. as i have no gray areas to explore for more expansions.

Perhaps a map with Expansion locations are necessary to complete the game. (I sure as heck used one for the Gates) I feel that this hack isn't polished enough for a fair X-Ray Scope item hunt, whereas the items are gated from you based on your equipment. I'll freely admit that the Hydro Suit was one of (if only) the most difficult upgrade for progression, but, a hack that's designed around multiple paths and One-Ways where you're locked out until you have a specific upgrade or have destroyed the enemies in the room is where the line is clearly showing the skill cap needed to enjoy this game's expansive and well thought out environment.