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Sequence Breaking Fusion by Kazuto [MF Vanilla+], rated by nisekoishi on Oct 02, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
metroid fusion as god intended it
Metroid: Lost Chozo by jasinchen [MZM Exploration], rated by nisekoishi on Aug 05, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
36% in 2:32
pretty good hack. nice big map to explore, the edited tiles & new music are quite nice. progression doesnt feel too fast or too slow. definitely has that signature metroid feel of having to find your own way what with all the hidden and hidden passageways.

level design is pretty good but also kinda hit or miss. the rooms in the volcano area were more interesting imo than some of the ones in kraid or ridley for example. starting as zss is pretty neat but nothing interesting is really done with it, it's kinda just the vanilla stealth sequence but shorter and different rooms.
UpTroidDown by BuggMann [SM Vanilla+], rated by nisekoishi on Sep 28, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
mid-air morph simulator

quite an interesting way to replay super metroid. well, it's still just vanilla super metroid, only upside down.
Metroid Acrash by Heyhooheyhoo [MF Exploration], rated by nisekoishi on Sep 28, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
99% in 4:31
A great hack held back by some very big flaws. The custom code definitely spices up the game a lot and makes this hack unique in a lot of ways. Definitely recommend for any big Metroid fan to play.

-Non-linear map design. A nice, big open map that lets you go anywhere you want and get abilities in almost any order. Fun to explore and test your skill on the various challenges provided by different areas.

-Buggy as all hell. Lots of lag, some softlocks, text errors, graphical errors, sound errors, you name it, it probably has it. Has a lot of custom code that just barely works.

-Lots of interesting ideas, asm, and level design. Good music and graphics. Definitely on the hard side, and has its fair share of low blows, but is far from unreasonably unfair. For the most part, an enjoyable challenge.

-Another huge problem is the map (not level) design. The map has a lot of one-way doors and tiles that let you enter from one side, but won't let you go back. This sometimes makes exploring a bonafide chore, and the map doesnt even open up that much from unlocking doors or abilities. Additionally it can be very hard to figure out where to go early game, and to a lesser extent in lategame.

-One other big problem is there is no way to figure out how to actually beat the game other than getting lucky and guessing right, or by watching someone else beat it.

-Great aesthetics, high quality (as in not gba-quality) music and very nice custom tiles.

-Minimap works, but has issues. Some rooms dont line up, some powerups aren't shown, some are missing, doors aren't shown, etc.
Super Metroid - GBA Edition by The Brothers Crafters [MZM Exploration], rated by nisekoishi on Jul 20, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
58% in 1:37
A for effort

an attempt was made. the map, at the very least, was very faithfully recreated from super metroid. the hack can also be very creative in dealing with the limitations of hacking zm (different enemies, physics, etc).

that being said, it is kind of like the worst of both sm and zm. it's missing a lot of the charm that made sm so great and is stuck with all of the flaws zm has. there are even some new bugs introduced. it's also very annoying how often non-powergrip blocks are used just to prevent you from doing things the game doesnt want you to. the version i played is the first version to actually have the music from super metroid, but the ports are quite bad. i almost would have preferred to have heard the vanilla zm tracks.

that being said also, this hack is no less than competent. if for some reason you wanna play super metroid but condensed into zm, this hack is for you.
Metroid zero mission Harder by yohann [MZM Vanilla+], rated by nisekoishi on Sep 28, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
46% in 2:56
a fun challenge for ZM veterans, but not too hard. has lots of funny moments where it plays with your expectations. hope you like shinesparking because this hack is full of shinespark puzzles. the fun peaks at midgame and slowly peters off.
Super Metroid: GBA Style! by ShadowOne333 [SM Vanilla+], rated by nisekoishi on Oct 02, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
very weird hack. attempts to feel like zm, but ends up with something that feels like neither zm nor sm. there are a lot of weird quirks from vanilla as well as exclusive to this hack that make it very unlike gba metroid, so calling it gba style is quite the misnomer. as someone who actually prefers the gba control scheme, i must say i'm disappointed.

samus is very fast in this hack. she accelerates fast. she jumps fast. she falls fast. etc. much faster than any other samus in any other game. even bombs are stupidly fast. once you get used to it, it's alright, but it's nothing like fusion or even zero mission.

the new mechanics are broken. the auto-fire rate is so hilariously op that there is no reason to equip charge beam for 90% of the game since you can mow down 90%+ of enemies by holding down the shot button. the end result is a game that's dramatically easier than vanilla.

the default button configuration isn't even correct, you don't get the one shown in the screenshot but a weird amalgamation of sm's default controls and the gba controls.

at least space jump controls like a dream
Metroid Super Autosadism by Meilove [MF Challenge], rated by nisekoishi on Sep 28, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Absolutely hilarious hack. Lots of dumb decisions by the creator had me rolling. Ended up giving up because the intended path was too unclear and required me to go through quite a tedious gauntlet just for a chance to try again to figure it out.

Heed the warnings from the other reviews. This is not a good hack.