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Super Metroid Nightmare by JAM [SM Challenge], rated by Rothlenar on Aug 25, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 5:35
If you're into playing stupidly difficult Super Metroid hacks, this is definitely for you. This hack does exactly what it aims to do: Make things incredibly-tediously-stupidly difficult for you.

Due to the ammo requirements for opening doors and the increased damage taken from ALL sources, this renders the hack as being pretty darn linear. There are a handful of times where you can choose to do one path over another if you're patient enough to abuse refills/drops to get other items, but

There are some interesting ideas this hacks puts forth, though:
1. Not being able to open certain doors that your weapons can "damage" was interesting at the time. It's another thing you have to think about when figuring out how to progress further in the game, making full use and abuse of refills where you can. I liked that.
2. When you get to the point of having enough ammo to open doors (without refills), it does feel like a new ability, though that feeling is short-lived.
3. A Spore Spawn that keeps moving when its "mouth" is open was a nice new twist back in 2011.
4. The concept of the "zero"-Energy Tank being damaged (I noticed Jaeger found a nice bug concerning that, though. :P).
Screwed Chopped and Restitched by Noxus, InsomniaDX [SM Exploration], rated by Rothlenar on Jul 04, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
37% in 3:24
I had to save-state often to avoid some nasty softlocks, like getting to the "end" without the Ice Beam.

I remember playing this hack back around 2005, and it was definitely a unique and interesting experience. While the current version could use some touch-ups, I'm glad this was finally "finishable".
Global Warming by Noxus [SM Vanilla+], rated by Rothlenar on Jul 05, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
103% in 5:00
TFS Lord Guru: "Oh God... Global warming!? NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!"

I LOVE the idea with this hack. This may not be everyone's cup of tea, but this hack does a great job as presenting its idea extremely well.

There was only one visual hint that was less than obvious for me when it came to finding Speed Booster. I got stuck, I gave up, I popped open SMILE, saw the path to Speed Booster, and metaphorically facepalmed very hard (not too hard, just very hard). Everything else was just fine. Major suit powerups were in unexpected places, and worked in really, really cool ways that I wasn't expecting, but I was extremely happy to observe.

I highly recommend this hack. There are some basic Super Metroid underwater mechanics that one should be familiar with, and this is the hack to learn them and practice them.

Edit: Found Gravity Suit. That's hilarious.