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Super Junkoid by P. Yoshi [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Sep 03, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
95% in 3:38
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Holy shit, this was amazing! Fantastic hack! Easily 5/5!
Everything is so well done. Great music, great visuals. And I am very happy about the map, so clean and easy to read.
So much custom things, it almost felt like a completely new game.
I also like that re-spin is included.
I did not fully understand the story though, maybe it could have been more clear.
Super Metroid: Subversion by TestRunner and AmoebaOfDoom [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Oct 10, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
78% in 6:54
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This was an absolutely fantastic hack! So much stuff in this one and the amount of work in this hack is amazing!
And I too as many others love the logbook very nicely done!
Nice design, environment looks great! Fan of the new music too fits the places you are in!
The hack was still a bit easy on normal mode, I wish I could have selected hard mode from the beginning, and
not after I had beaten it.
I rate it 5/5, definitely play it!
Super Metroid: Hotlands by MetroidNerd#9001 [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Feb 19, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
56% in 1:08
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Awesome short sweet hack! It was a bit harder, which I like!
Nice to get some challenge, and not in a frustrating way, it was fun challenge!
I like the custom mini bosses. The hack was nice to look at, no areas that was hard to distinguish from what was what.
Some stuff was really well hidden, I would maybe have made some of it a bit easier to find, the secret grove area etc, since it
was quite some work put in there and upgrades there, a shame to miss that.
I like the new music, but one minus is that it got really annoying after had listening to it for 30+ minutes. It got repetitive.
Still I give the hack 5/5. Play it! :D
SM - Cryogenesis by Onnyks [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Feb 04, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
81% in 4:44
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Absolutely gorgeous environments! So nicely done with the tiles.
Great atmosphere, you really feel you are in different unique places.
I like the puzzles that are in the game, it was fun to solve and fun to figure out how to get the items.
One minus is I got lost for quite some time in the beginning, 58:30 in the video. I think maybe it was too hidden?
The hack was not so hard though.
The special new item was cool and fun to use, I wish there where more places to use it!
Play it! :D
Super Metroid: Ascent by Benox50 [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Oct 21, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
90% in 6:30
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This was an amazing hack!
Top Level design!
Some new interesting mechanics, refreshing.
Colorful and clear environments!
Just the perfect challenging, not too easy, but not crazy hard either.
Some nice puzzles too.
Everything I love about Super Metroid this hack got!

I give it 5/5. Definitely play this one!
V I T A L I T Y by Digital_Mantra [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Apr 30, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
64% in 5:07
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I just finish this Hack, and I love it, it was a fantastic hack, I give it 5/5. Very creative and interesting. Story and looks are brilliant! A bit different from other SM hacks, which is refreshing. I didn't find the hack to be too hard, which is good for newer players, but it still got its challenges, so every SM fan can and should play this one!

Hm maybe one small complaint would be that you can get into the last part/zone and still have a lot to explore and find in the other zones. But maybe that was intended?
Metroid Super Speed Zero Mission by advancedpillow, SBniconico [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Nov 30, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
71% in 9:13
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Very good hack!
The hack is massive! And looks really good! Must have taken ages to make it all.
Almost too big sometimes. A bit confusing where to go sometimes. Can be hard to know where to go.

I got quite confused by a lot of things, why where they placed as they where.
But I think it was because I played this super speed edition. I guess in the normal version
it would make more sense. And I can just imagine how hard the normal version must be.

But overall it was a pleasant experience. 4 / 5.
So Little Garden by MetroidMst [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Sep 30, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
54% in 1:18
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Amazing hack! Short and sweet! I liked it a lot!
Interesting new bosses and items etc.
I got a lot of lag with some bosses, but it was still playable.
One minus was the map, that it was all black, same as background color, which made it hard to see where I had been or not.
Ancient Chozo by Albert V. [SM Vanilla+], rated by KaptenR on Aug 31, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
83% in 3:00
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Very nicely done on creating a nice feel to the environments, it all looks amazing!
Great music!
I think the hack is quite beginner friendly, you could probably play this after finished the original, with some extra challenge.
I got a little bit challenged with Dragoon, which was nice.
Super Duper Metroid by Metaquarius, Daltone [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Jan 14, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
84% in 4:35
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This was absolutely a really good hack. Clear that a ton of time went into this! Excellent level design. The hack is really open, but yet you do not get lost so easily (at least I didn't). The rooms are always nicely looking, you don't get bored with how it looks.
I did not find the hack to be so hard, I think probably quite new players can beat this.

There also seem to be a lot of replayability! With both the random items option, and the mirror option.
but there is also the hidden challenge, where you do NOT pick up morph ball! This makes for an insane challenge! Very cool!

I give the hack 4.5 / 5. It was great! :D
Hyper Metroid by RealRed [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Aug 07, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
83% in 7:15
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Very great hack! Very well made overall. Cool looking sprites and clear that the environment and details have been worked on a lot! Level design is great and some nice puzzles too!
I did not find the hack to be so hard, I think it is beginner friendly. Although beginners should probably play original and maybe project base first before trying this one. Oh and the best escape ever, very epic!

The one thing I didn't like was the "where the heck do I go?" The world was just too open! I needed to explore the whole world and go anywhere, some players might like that, but for me this was annoying, I don't want to have to look around the whole world to be able to progress, some exploring is ofc fine, but this was in my opinion too much.
I give the hack 4 / 5. Definitely play it!
Super Metroid Containment Chamber by Lioran [SM Challenge], rated by KaptenR on Jun 17, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
16% in 2:30
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This was a nice Hack! Though it can be very very hard if you are beginner. I strongly recommend to use the "Read Me" (Hint List), which you can get on the download page. Without it this would have been extremely tedious, if you did not know the trix from before. I also used save states, to make things speed up more, which I would recommend for this Hack, I don't see any point in not doing so. But the hack is good, it teached me some new trix, I give it 4/5.
Super Ethical Metroid by dewhi100 [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on Aug 05, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
80% in 2:08
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Definitely decent hack. Not the best hack out there but still good and enjoyable. A general fun time!
It was a bit challenging at times to my delight.

Vanilla rooms with some nice edits making it interesting.
had some funny meme names on items and locations.
Not to long hack either, took me about 3 hours to complete.
Super Metroid: Darkholme Hospital by Cloud12 [SM Quick Play], rated by KaptenR on Jul 09, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
76% in 1:37
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Sweet short interesting hack! The story is nice. Things/environment are looking really cool!
Liked that it got scarier and scarier. There is some challenge and some nice fun puzzles to solve too.

All the gate stuff made me a bit confused, magnetic key etc, I thought I had to do some timing or something, and I did not know if I had missed something or if the item came later (which it did)
but it turns out it was just normal grappling to open the gate, nothing complicated hehe.
One annoying thing was in the start (level 1).
I had no idea that some of the gates where time gates. therefore I first assumed that the there where no timed gates,
thus I spent a lot of time lost not finding where to go. It should be shown somehow that there are timed gates that you need to
hurry inorder to progress.

Other than that very nice hack!! I am giving the hack 3.5 / 5.
Super Metroid YPX by YP [SM Exploration], rated by KaptenR on May 30, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
87% in 6:15
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This was a great hack! although it had some annoying flaws in my opinion.

First thing is I missed certain grappling blocks (I didn't see them when I was there at first), which prevented me from progressing in the game, and this lead me to having to explore basically the entire world inorder just to progress. I spent many hours just looking around having no idea where to progress. This was very annoying. Plus it did not help that the map was very confusing. with no door indication and also not showing that a path can lead to another area. Very annoying with this huge map! I am also not a big fan of the gravity change, but still it is cool to have something that is new and different.

Other that that the hack is great! loots of very fun challenging puzzles and a very fun time finding hidden items etc. Areas looks nice and interesting! good use of the new wall-jump-mechanic, fun to do new things!
I give the hack 3.5/5