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10 Results Found.
TitleAuthorTypeGameRelease DateRating
10 Results Found.
Midair Morph Prevention w/o Springball dewhi100 Assembly SM Jun 01, 2017 Pending
Modified Event PLM and Maridia Tubes OmegaDragnet9, dewhi100, JAM Assembly SM Jun 21, 2023 Pending
Nintendo Logo Change dewhi100 Graphics SM Oct 07, 2017 Pending
Pseudo Varia dewhi100 Assembly SM Feb 16, 2024 Pending
Quick Beam Swapping dewhi100 Assembly SM Apr 29, 2020 Pending
Room Cleared Event PLM dewhi100 Assembly SM Jan 04, 2021 Pending
Shotblock Event PLM and Speedbooster Event PLM OmegaDragnet9, dewhi100, MetroidNerd#9001 Assembly SM Jul 18, 2023 Pending
Single-room Elevators dewhi100 Assembly SM Apr 26, 2020 Pending
Spiderball dewhi100 Assembly SM Jan 23, 2019 Pending
Supers Need Mains dewhi100 Assembly SM Feb 16, 2024 Pending