Shotblock Event PLM and Speedbooster Event BTS
Release Date: Jul 18, 2023
Type: Assembly
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[download] Event BTS (1 download)
Game: SM
Shotblock Event PLM:

Use the high byte to select the Shotblock type.

$00xx Regular Shotblock
$01xx Power Bomb
$02xx Missile
$03xx Super Missile

Low byte sets the event. Much like BTS blocks, it has no GFX, but will remove the GFX in front of it when the PLM is deleted.

Place one or more of the PLMs in a group of similar BTS blocks. (The non-respawning variety.) X-Ray does not pick this up, so that can be a giveaway.

Speedbooster Event BTS:

Uses Crumble Block 1F and sets event based off the Room Index (from MetroidNerd#9001's Event Triggers from Killing Enemies.)

This one, you actually need to place the BTS itself in the editor. (Don't place this PLM in the editor.)


P.J Boy for the bank logs. Tundain's Remote Gate resource was studied for this. Thanks to dewhi100, MetroidNerd#9001, Benox50, Amoeba, TestRunner and JAM. Their event resources helped me understand this better.


Event BTS Speedbooster 1.1

Fixed a mistake I made regarding Bank $94 hijack. Thanks to SuperSquad33 for bringing this to my attention.

Thanks to Nodever2 for recommendations for improving ease of use with more labels.

Thanks to Smiley for the BTS Formula.

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