Modified Event PLM and Maridia Tubes
Release Date: Jun 21, 2023
Type: Assembly
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Game: SM
Modified Event PLM with Maridia Tubes

Based heavily off Dewhi100's Better Room Clear Events PLM and Amoeba and TestRunner's version of JAM's FF Events and Tubes.

Sets an event based off the low byte of the PLM value in the editor.

Setting the high byte to "40xx" will unset the event. Leaving it at "00xx" will set the event (feature borrowed from Benox50's Extended Event PLM.)

Optional Room ASM to trigger earthquake included. This is from MetroidNerd#9001's Event Triggers from Killing Enemies.

Maridia Tube PLM behaves as an Event PLM. The low byte of the PLM value sets the event. (I recommend NOT using Event 0B as it created a problem where one tube would activate and another wouldn't.)

Comment out Smiley's hex edit and "MaridiaTube3" to get Vanilla tube breaking behavior. Leave them in to set the Event immediately and allow Samus to move during glass break (as seen in Subversion and Axeil Edition.)

Why Another Event PLM?

I wanted to combine features from several resources into one PLM. (If something works for me, I want it to be usable for the community.) This is more or less a remix that's in a format I find more convenient.

My version of the Event PLM is really if you need these particular features for these particular conditions. I want to credit dewhi100, Benox50, Amoeba, TestRunner, JAM, Smiley, and MetroidNerd#9001 for their work featured here.

Please check their resources out.

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