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Metroid: ES Mission 5.0 by Meinos Belfort [MZM Vanilla+], rated by Roija on Jul 14, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
70% in 1:19
Really cool hack. I love the visual rework, it's really insane. The void thing is really interesting and allows very cool breaks. Also Samus runs faster (Im not sure for morph ball) so the pace is increased but I found it was more difficult to make precise jumps. Speed booster is modified and is very fun to use (charges up extremely fast and you can keep it for very long times) and moving in morph ball charges it too.
Ridley is really hard compared to how this boss is in the og game, but if you get destroyed by this boss (like me), you can just get out of the Ridley sector and come back later (which was not possible in the og game, so huge props to the author for this modification)
I also really enjoyed having some features from Fusion like the animation of Charge, Wide and Ice beam (also the sounds)
Overall, this hack is awesome, I highly recommend.

Some bugs/weird features I noticed : (SPOILERS)
-No morph ball animation when you don't move (normally it still spins even when you don't move)
-when you press L and down it makes Samus crouch and aim diagonally downwards. It forces you to crouch, which makes it difficult to shoot diagonally downwards. In the og game it doesn't force you to crouch
-if you fall all the way down in the void room, you can't climb back without space jump, or a single wall wall jump, or a very long vertical bomb jump. If you don't know these tricks and don't have space jump, this room is a softlock since you can't escape it at the bottom without power bombs.
-Kraid doesn't destroy the platform you are standing on with the projectiles/platforms coming from his belly, which makes the boss even easier
-if you use the void room to get in Chozodia before the infiltration thing with zero suit, the music stays the same (the music from the infiltration mission) even if you go back to crateria/norfair/ridley/brinstar. Boss music seem to fix this issue though (go fight a boss)
-same kind of issue, if you warp in chozodia before you have beaten Ridley, you will still get the short Mecha Ridley Eye animation, which is not coherent scenario-wise (It is an almost irrelevant point though)
-speed booster is very fun to use but shinespark is horrible imo. I just couldn't figure out how to shinespark horizontally. Also by just jumping from a crouched position, it made me shinespark diagonally and not vertically (??). I could do all sorts of curves upwards but not horizontally, which softlocked me in Kraid after the boss (I skipped Acid Worm so I had not activated the transport machines on the ceiling. But in order to travel the long acid room with all the flies coming at you, you need a horizontal shinespark [or the space jump but I skipped it too])
- The wide beam is bugged. I couldn't spam fire when I had it equipped. It just fired 2 or 3 times, then even when spamming my B button, it didn't fire for like 1.5 sec

I have only completed the game once when writing this; I might edit later especially the shinespark part if I get how it works
Metroid Zero Mission: OHKO by Conner [MZM Challenge], rated by Roija on Jul 14, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
45% in 1:06
As expected, pretty difficult. Most hardcore parts are Mother Brain's room (the way to get to her is insane, the moment when you dps her is actually ez) and the final escape mission I'd say, even though you can safe the last 2 grey pirates. Kraid/Ridley/Mecharidley are ez if you have enough super missiles.

I encountered several "issues" though :
-Ridley can grab you and it DOESNT KILL you. You just lose HP like normal.
-Another problem (maybe it's intended by the author, or maybe my game just went crazy) : the way to Ridley via the Fly (Imago) was BLOCKED. I just couldn't go this way : the plant at the ceiling near the elevator just wouldnt disappear after falling on the ground when dead, even though I did what you are supposed to do (ie take elevator twice). I even went back to Norfair and Brinstar, yet this path was still blocked. It doesn't soft lock you, you just have one less super missiles tank (which is extra relevant at this point cause you have 0, so Ridley is pretty much forced with max 4 super missiles instead of 6 [if you don't take the tank in Crateria if you have done Kraid before][once you are in Ridley, you can't leave without beating Ridley]). Long paragraph to say a path is blocked. This makes it so that ONCE YOU LEFT RIDLEY (through the path with the 2 morph ball accelerator machines), YOU CANT GO BACK TO RIDLEY without Power bombs. It's important to know if you want screw attack without being forced to go back all the way to upper Brinstar to get the varia suit (to take the path behind the hi-jump)

Challenge similar to zeroing the game but a bit faster since you have firepower.

Tip for those who are considering playing it : take a deep breath before Mother brain. I don't think Kraid first or Ridley first is important. If you want some motivation, know that the final screen has something special ;)

Very good challenge, I recommend
Metroid: Scrolls 6 by Conner, OneOf99, CaptGlitch, JRP [MZM Exploration], rated by Roija on Jul 13, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
70% in 1:25
Fun hack, does what it's supposed to do ie alleviate boredom (nice one btw)
I really liked the ost. Some new areas are just incredible visually.The magic/fantasy vocabulary is funny even if it is just a detail.
I don't think the level design is really interesting though. But there is room for quite some optimization/speedrun (if you are really bored)
A huge amount of work, props. I recommend