Release date: Jul 19, 2020
Author: Jefe962
Download: Final 2 (1337 downloads)
Genre: Quick Play [?]
Game: MZM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 0:23
Average collection: 19%
Read Me: [None]
Forum Thread: Contest thread
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
Ridley has opened the portal to Heck and Samus needs to kill him and escape from the planet, like any other generic hack.
Rip and tear, until it is done.
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Ratings and Reviews
By kkzero on Jul 19, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
17% in 0:21
Love the Doom inspiration, was pretty good all around despite being a little trolley in some places. But trial and error will get you through, so it's fine.
By Syphon on Jul 20, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
16% in 0:20
Good hack. A couple tricky to get items but they are not required.

I recommend it.
By Cpt.Glitch on Jul 20, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
21% in 0:19
Not a bad hack. Despite the DOOM theme, there isn't much DOOM to see in this hack. There's nothing super noteworthy about this hack, other than the special use of space jump. More could have been done to make the hack feel more cared for. (Title screen, ending scaling, text edits). But decent hack overall.
By Sapphron on Jul 20, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
25% in 0:19
Pretty decent hack.
Level design felt basically the same in every area, just platforms in big rooms.
The puzzles had some nice solutions and were fun.
Double Jump can easily be abused to be just regular Space Jump if you break spin and respin.
There were lots of enemies in tunnels that you just had to damage boost through which was just really stupid imo. At least make them 2-tile-high passages, Jiffy.
Think I got max%? Dunno why he didn't scale.
Low enough level of polish to warrant 3. Had it been 2 weeks probably 4 stars.
Somewhat recommend.
By TheGreatPikminZX789 on Jul 20, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
18% in 0:18
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Despite donning the DOOM title, there isn't much that gives me the vibe. Space Jump being replaced by a double jump was qute interesting, though there isn't much aside from the room designs, and I feel 'eh' about them. If there was DOOM music implemented, that would at least fix part of the reason why it's called DOOMtroid.
By SN_Ivan on Jul 21, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
17% in 0:00
I am not a huge fan of DOOM so what do I know. From my experience the tileset was pretty neat.
I really liked the erasure of walljumping so you have to do some ice beam shenanighans. I also really really liked that spacejump was replaced with double jump, very original. I liked the map design. Really solid hack. Definitely worth playing.
By Contendo on Jul 23, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Cant really add much to what the others already said.

Some boring level desing.
Double Jump is fun.

By ZeroSuitSammy on Sep 15, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
14% in 0:39
Doesn't do anything spectacular. Three bosses, maybe half of her normal upgrades and abilities, and some sprite work. Good to hold you over for about half an hour if you're looking for a short Zero Mission hack with a layout you're not familiar with.
By RX-78-2 on Dec 27, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
25% in 0:29
It's a pretty good hack imo. I like short/quick play hacks and this one is a decent one.. I really like the Doom theme the most even though I'm not that big of a Doom fan. the only thing that was a little strange was the space jump but that's about it. and like many others have stated, there's nothing special about this hack but it's a good hack to play if you like short hacks

Would Recommend

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