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Super Metroid: Y-Faster by Metaquarius [SM Speedrun/Race], rated by SacredHooves on Oct 09, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
65% in 0:47
For a quickie contest hack: Y-Faster is a brain child. It hits all the right cords when it comes to going fast: and the added incentive that you WILL need to rush is awesome. You will find a lot of stuff easy and you can find people attempting to cap a WR speed run on it. 5/5 would recommend to family and friends
Super Metroid: Recovery by MetroidNerd#9001 [SM Exploration], rated by SacredHooves on Oct 31, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
76% in 5:23
Takes what your know about Super and gives it the bird, while doing laps around you. Legit destroys most of the original layout, but in return replaces the byways and sideways you used to know. At first your jaunt ain't so troublesome: That is until you realize that about half way through, your playing an open world type Metroidvania. This caught me massively off guard, and admittedly wasn't happy with it at first. After taking the time to actually resolve the issues at hand, and doing some rather broken hi-jinx, I managed to make things work.

The one thing I will say needs a little consideration is how awkward Norfair's navigation/safety spots were very selective in choice. Plan ahead, and know that what you know means absolutely nothing until you play! In the end, after a careful look back and honest assessment; I would play again
SM Redesign: Axeil Edition by Drewseph [SM Exploration], rated by SacredHooves on Dec 13, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
51% in 15:15
Traveled: 200.90km
Energy Lost: 29,812
Enemies Killed: 2,367
Shots Fired: 14,076
Doors Traversed: 1,700

So I have played the original Redesign prior to this one: and I barely made it into Maridia before putting it down. As a challenge and a testament to wanting to get better: I picked up Axeil and ran headlong into it. It took me longer than I wished it did, but that is because it is very massive. The over all feel of Axeil is rather welcoming as it tones down the rather massive requirements to fully take on it's original form. Once you get a feel for the controls and how everything works: you will find Axeil to be a breath of fresh air.

With that said: I strongly encourage Redesign haters to at least dip their hooves into Axeil's waters at least once, if just to taste how different it really is.
Reimagined by SavageWizzrobe [SM Exploration], rated by SacredHooves on Sep 12, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 5:15
Okay so first hack rating: let's do this some justice.

So I've now done three separate runs for this hack: two for 1.0 and one for 1.4, I will be discuss 1.4

Layout: Very good, but still somewhat confusing on where to go sometimes. As it does take some ques from Redesign it can seem somewhat chore-ish to get through.

Difficulty: Aside from running around stupid until you find what you need, I'd call it balanced

Pathing: Very Redesign heavy with going to one end and then another just to get to areas and items you need, also the heated run wasn't bad but its kinda redundant you need to go back and around to get a few items.

Overview: All together Reimagined manages to take a fresh look into Super Metroid, but at the same time it feels stale because it rips a lot of call backs to both the Metroid Series and Redesign. Even with the updates it still feels a bit too much. The map setup is just an endless guessing game when your new, and even when your better at it you still feel lost.

This really starts to hit home by the time your ready for Phantoon, and even worse after you get Power Bombs and finding Draygon. Worse thing in hand is the fact that almost 50% of the items are hidden in rooms where you'd NEVER think to look. I know Metroid is suppose to be a good luck finding it all, but todays Metroids atleast give you a map or a signal to find all the items. The fact that the author of this hack took the time to hide some items, and removed the little 'look here' dot just made 100%ing this NOT worth the waste of time.

With that in mind though, I give this my official score of 2/5 because there is a lot of things I didn't like, but there was JUST enough forgiveness to compel me to finish and attempt a speed run