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Metroid Fusion Repalette by MollyAncalime, Doc 4non & JKMaxx [MF Improvement], rated by DestroyerOfAglets on May 28, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
64% in 2:12
I've been playing Fusion since I was just a few years old, and this hack was like a breath of fresh air. There are still a few bugs with the text boxes that could be ironed out, but it certainly made replaying the game much less of a chore. It was fun to find all the little changes in the dialogue. Also, it seems as if the cut scenes are shorter? or maybe that's just me.

Overall, good work. It's a great way to play Fusion.
Quantum Deluxe Boogaloo by CanOfWorms [MZM Unknown], rated by DestroyerOfAglets on Jun 14, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
"If you don't have the ice beam, you'll never be sent to Tourian. Mother Brain is the requirement for Chozodia to appear in the room selection.
In order to access Crateria, you must either collect the Ice Beam, or beat Kraid/Ridley."

I got sent to Tourian right off the bat. I also found Crateria and the portion of Chozodia it connected to without beating either boss. I found all this through two rooms, the larvae room (right next to the long shaft at the far right of Norfair), and the statue room (at the top of Brinstar). I don't know what could be causing it, though.

I hope you can get this silliness sorted out soon enough-- this is an absolute BLAST to play.

(Also, I love the way doors will roll across the screen a couple times before you spawn in a room. Makes it sorta... 'Suspenseful' i guess. Please don't fix it.)