Vismunds Sidehopper Special
Release date: Sep 07, 2013
Author: Vismund Cygnus
Download: Version 1.031 [UH] (1331 downloads)
Genre: Unknown [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 0:27
Average collection: 33%
Read Me: [None]
Forum Thread: [None]
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
Post-traumatic Sidehopper Disorder.

1.031 is recommended. There are a few tweaks (stronger beam, more less obvious hints, better drop rates, a fix or two to rooms. and a bonus energy tank!)
Insanity patch is the original, and features a room that can be a permastuck if you suck at item management.
And a map patch! The map patch must be patched over the already patched ROM (hence the size) :lol:

With almost all of the Metroids wiped out, the scientists at the colony of Ceres conducted many experiments on the captive baby Samus delivered to them. The results of one of the experiments in particular fascinated the researchers; the Metroids had a staggeringly high energy output. The power generated from a single Metroid larvae could be harnessed to power an entire city. However, the Metroids were also highly unstable and any form of interruption to their flow of energy could trigger a cataclysmic explosion. The scientists sent the Metroid to power a small colony near Ceres, to test the real life application of their new found knowledge.
All seemed well for some time, however less than a month after the Metroid was delivered, the Galactic Federation recieved a distress signal from the colony; they were under attack!
The GF contacted Samus immediately, for she had the most experience with the Metroids. Not one to turn down such an offer, Samus immediately left for the colony to discover what was amiss.

Missiles: 75
Supers: 40
PB's: 10
ETanks: 6 1.03/5 Insanity
Charge Beam
High Jump
Gravity Suit

Skills Required:
Bomb Jump
Mid-Air Morphing (or IBJ)
Short Charge (For 100%)

If you don't backtrack you'll probably die. A lot.
Special thanks to Quote for the timer patch. ^_^
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Ratings and Reviews
By Vismund Cygnus on Apr 23, 2015 (Star Star Star Star Star )
36% in 0:00
I feel bad for even having made this. I'm sorry everybody.
By MetroidMst on Aug 03, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Well, special is a good word for it.
By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 08, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
39% in 0:31
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No animals to be saved.

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Judgement parameters summary:
° Creative ideas and features, polished design, how enjoyable and fun the hack can be, lack of hard to find or cryptic required game elements, the difficulty, and if the hack can be finished without major guides or tools.
° Note that the length of a SM hack will not necessarily contribute to my rating of the SM hack, since instead the averaged out experience over the whole hack will be taken into account to get a relative comparison between SM hacks.
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By Syphon on Feb 01, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
22% in 0:23
This hack is really weird.

Backtracking is recommended or you will miss items and get to Ridley underpowered.

Would have been better to place an eye-gate before Ridley to let people know. Stumbled into him without fully refilling in the previous room and without Spazer and Gravity Suit. Since I didn't want to restart the hack I had to cheat in the boss fight.
By Daniel94Gomes on Nov 15, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
39% in 0:24
I Play The Version 1.039 (Insanity)
By Fercho on May 26, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
33% in 0:34
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Bueno debo de admitir que es un hack muy promedio ya que no ofrece nada muy interesante y si uno es decuidado al jugarlo puede morir perdiendo una gran cantidad de progreso pero tampoco es tan malo, estuve a punto de calificarlo con 3 Orbs.
By Sickwood on Sep 16, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Not sure why this was rated so low. It felt like a mini version of "Airy" with a nice item count. Enjoyed it.
By Sapphron on Dec 04, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
29% in 0:24
Good hack! Quite short and like the description says backtracking is recommended. I stumbled right into Ridley which wasn't too great but only lost a couple of e-tanks. Players with less experience will want to explore a lot. Colors are a bit dull as a result of being so dark and the reliance on sidehoppers isn't the most fun thing, especially the giant desgeegas taking a whole tank of your health. Overall, a pretty good short hack but a couple flaws for sure. Lack of saves also doesn't help.

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