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Super Metroid: Advent by Shadow96 [SM Quick Play], rated by CaptRicoSakara on Apr 08, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
36% in 1:25
I total LOVE how you created Subaqueous! Its color palate and overall design reminds me of Atlantis. I love everything about except for the Boss, which was too hard to beat, because you don't have enough health and gear to take him easily. You have to go at him a DOZEN times before you finally beat him.

Overall, the set and style of the game is good. I would love to see an expansion of this game and the Subaqueous level in a future hack.
Super Metroid: Darkholme Hospital by Cloud12 [SM Quick Play], rated by CaptRicoSakara on Apr 08, 2017 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 1:05
Call me crazy, but I like Darkholme Hospital for the ALIEN 3 vibe it gives me. The setting reminds me of Fury 161 from the film. It just has that "whole place is a basement" vibe.

The only beef I have with the game is getting the speedrun down below an hour to get the best ending, especially after I do a few reruns of the game and memorizing the room layouts. I just think that is kinda unfair for those who don't have all the special moves down, like wall jump and the diagonal aim speed run and shinespark. Personally, if it were my game, I would have the best ending available at below 1 hour 30 mins, instead of below an hour. Gotta think of those who don't have a mastery of the special moves. The only other beef is the 1-hit kills by the ghosts on level 6. I would NEVER allow that, even in a game that's meant to be challenging.

Overall, the design and item arrangement was good and spot on. The enemies are simple, even if they get tougher the more you go down each level. Also, some of the room designs add to the difficulty.

Nicely done, overall.