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Spooky Mission 2: The Nightmare Before Christmas by Spooky Team [MZM Exploration], rated by Badsy_Edgecat on Apr 10, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
really liked this hack until there was a room required to reach the boss of Spider Nest that seemed to be asking me to unmorph ledgegrab twice in a row, and i feel like this is unfairly tight timing for the thing. unless someone can tell me what im actually supposed to do there, i dont think i want to actually continue playing this hack.
Metroid Mission Rescue by Mettyk25jigsaw [SM Exploration], rated by Badsy_Edgecat on Feb 18, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
i am going to have to be honest here and say that this hack really just isnt good. the room layouts are confusing (of what i could even find, as i was barely able to get past getting the morph ball), the map png offered on the forum is basically unreadable (at the author, perhaps try making multiple images made up of stitched screencaps or something, the spreadsheet format is REALLY bad for this format, especially with all the rooms that have multiple sections through multiple doors), and what very little ive been able to actually see has been: unappealing repetitive tiling with no use of smoothened terrain basically at all, basic enemies that are either bullet sponges or need missiles to kill (even on EASY), and missile upgrades that give you ONE single missile per. i would say maybe you should not try to make your first hack be something this gigantic.