Metroid: Symphony of the Light
Release date: Jun 28, 2024
Download: Demo v0.0 (zip) (106 downloads)
Download: Demo v0.0 (ips) (82 downloads)
Genre: Incomplete [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 0:49
Average collection: 62%
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When a distress signal interrupts Samus's grocery trip, she immediately rushes to find the source. Haumea Station, a high-energy laboratory owned by Exelion, has fallen into disarray. Since the station was working on warp-drive technology, it's unlikely that the perpetrators would be either the Galactic Federation or the Space Pirates- it must be a new threat.

Made with SMART 1.19 as part of the MetConst Star Base contest. Major kudos to all the lovely folks of the Metconst discord, I couldn't have made this without them.

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Ratings and Reviews
By Kirarin on Jun 29, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
100% in 0:32
If this was a "full" hack, I'd give a 3.5-4 grade, because it's mostly Vanilla in terms of mechanics, and you can't never go wrong with Vanilla hacks imo.

But for a demo, I enjoyed it a lot. The theme of jumping between two areas is very promising, and the crew's log was interesting to read. Of course it feels rushed because it's a demo, and sometimes the leading to some items or those logs doesn't feel as rewarding due to the game being a demo, which can be easily fixed in a full version, to adjust the game's pace.

The creator knows how to introduce major upgrades where it makes sense to use them and how to use them, and the items don't feel too overly hidden (there's X-Ray as starting Item if you need it), the custom map icons are great, and again, the "two worlds" mechanic has a lot of potential. It reminded me more of Timespinner than SOTN tbh.

Those "story-driven" hacks tend to be tricky, because either they feel flat, or you nail them and you get stuff like Vitality. I think if the creator puts care if he/she wants to do a full version, there's lot of potential in here. 5/5 for the demo version.
By junkrares on Jul 02, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
93% in 0:47
What a ride this hack was. I didn't "finish" it because there was no boss or ending to speak of -- but I think I got every item possible. Secrets are well-telegraphed and hardly need the X-Ray scope to make you understand where they are. I enjoyed every moment of this hack, and it left me wanting more. You can tell where it is going to expand (the cone was my favorite character), and understand where the story is going. This may be overreaching, but I got severe Trilby vibes, a la Seven Days a Skeptic, and I hope the author has played that game. If not, it may give solid inspiration to finish it. The scans and map icons were well implemented, and the vanilla physics were very welcome and offered several sequence breaking opportunities that would definitely make a difference when this is a full hack. As Kirarin stated, as-is, this is a 5/5 would-play-again hack.
By Onnyks on Jul 03, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
26% in 0:37
There's some cool ideas here, the parallel worlds, the striking circular aesthetics, the dark story hinted at in logs, I'd definitely play a full game based on this demo.
By Exister on Jul 07, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
Great hack! This uses custom fx and some custom tiles to great effect, the chairs, tables, and doors go a long way in making the station feel a lot more like a place than ceres did, even. The secrets are all well made, and the exploration played out well, if a bit linear given the way items and item checks are layed out, but that's a fine choice and done well here. There was some fun sequence breaks to do too, I did a d-boost for an early late game item and "beat" the hack muh earlier than intended, and it made for a difficult but satisfying trick. SPOILERS: The dark world light world concept is done great here, the only thing I'm left wanting is some overcrossing puzzles like rpime 2, maybe a secret tunnel obvious in one world and needed to go through in the other? Stuff like that could be fun, maybe just for optional pickups. The other thing is x-ray, I understand some people like it but personally I despise it, it's very slow and I much prefer using bombs to find secrets. It's activesly negative to me since it adds another selection item as well, meaning item select is the only way to deselect even when missiles is your only ammo. I'd suggest moving the item from starting with it to very early in the game, maybe next to the first lore entry or something. Speaking of ammo, combat was pretty easy, but better too easy than too hard... hah...
I liked the story and am curious where it goes, I almost feel like it could even use an aditional wrinkle to give it more room to progress/stuff to discover? Your choice though. Great demo!
By OmegaDragnet9 on Jul 08, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
27% in 1:23
I was really impressed by this hack. The interdimensional theme was pulled off very effectively.

I would rank this as one of the more challenging contest entries as enemies can quickly drain your life if you are careless. Progression was a bit difficult, but this isn't a bad thing. I feel this was closer to Eris on the challenge side than Super Asteroid was. Definitely had me circle the map a few times.

I enjoyed the tiling in both dimensions; the scrolling background was a nice touch. Definitely one of the more attractive hacks out there.

The music is Vanilla, but the tracks were very well-implemented and set the appropriate mood.

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