Depth Of Field
Release date: Jan 14, 2022
Author: Croakomire
Download: Depth Of Field V37 (393 downloads)
Download: Depth Of Field Alt (206 downloads)
Genre: Challenge [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Expert [?]
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Read Me: Quick Warp Map
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I finished a project for once!
Most information is found in the intro text, however I'll explain some information I couldn't fit clearly within the character limit.

Premise & Versions
Partially inspired by Lioran's "Containment Chamber"/"Contamination"; Depth Of Field is a series of tricks in room form that probably don't see much use elsewhere.
Each room section has a difficulty meter made out of gate lights/switches. The amount of lights (out of 5) is how well known a trick is that the room section is based around; While the colour of the switch indicates how difficult the room as a whole is (Blue, Red, Green = Easy, Medium, Hard respectively). To avoid confusion, boss rooms will also give the meter black or yellow, indicating whether the boss should be killed or not (respectively).
If this is too much information for your liking, the "alt" download removes these.
On a similar note, required damage in a room section is indicated, but this can be turned off at landing site before entering any rooms if desired.

Quick Warp
If you find you can't figure something out, or a room is simply too difficult for you, there is a quick warp located in a wall at landing site.
[You must reset the game to use the quick warp during the main game]
The game is split into a main game and post game, with the post game being some very difficult unused rooms. If the quick warp is used (the e-tank at the entrance is collected) the post game will no longer be accessible, so think about this if some bonus content sounds interesting to you.
As the quick warp zone is a mess, I've attached a map to the readme if you plan to use it.

Finally, there is no credit roll, you can play until you feel accomplished.
However there is a true ending if you want to look for it.
Good Luck, Enjoy!

- HUD Text: MetroidMST
- BT Fix: P.JBoy
- Antimap: InsomniaDX
- Map Fix: Scyzer
- Ceres Skip: Black Falcon
Special Thanks:
- JuminJams
- ThatGuy_Eli
- Famgrill_Sinner
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Ratings and Reviews
By ptoil on Oct 21, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
This puzzle hack showcases some really cool tech, through pushing both the obscurity and required skill level to the extreme. I really liked the gate system to relay how obscure or difficult each puzzle is. There are save stations however I still used savestates in a few places. Puzzle 24 stands out for easily being the hardest to execute, I don't see myself ever completing that room without savestates.
Completed the main game and started the post game. If you enjoyed Lioran's puzzle hacks, I'd recommend playing this one, but be prepared for the much higher difficulty. Croak has done a dev commentary playthrough of the hack that can help if you get stuck:

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