New Wet Dream
Release date: Jul 08, 2013
Author: TROM
Download: Version 05.2014 [UH] (740 downloads)
Download: Version 05.2014 [H] (299 downloads)
Genre: Unknown [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
Average runtime: 7:10
Average collection: 137%
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Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
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Ratings and Reviews
By JAM on Jun 21, 2015 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
It called over Wet Dream, but it have nothing similar with it. Brand new hack with new graphics. A 3/4 hack. Play it and you'll understand.

A lot of hidden items. Almost every room have something to hide except for me and my monkey.
New graphics.
Tube door idea.
Unusual item progression.

Unpolished. It have over 20 places in where you can stuck.
Lack of ammo in some areas. You'll have to use Power Bomb to proceed, but if you haven't, no enemy aroung to replenish it.
Respawning blocks appers where they shouldn't.

I'd give it 4 for explorarion and searching for the items, but due to unpolishing, only 2 so far. Sorry.
By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 08, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
168% in 5:50
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No animals to be saved.

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2 orbs: SM hacks within the 20% to 40% (30% ± 10%) range of perceived perfection; Overall messy, confusing, or punishing SM hacks with some upsides.
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° Creative ideas and features, polished design, how enjoyable and fun the hack can be, lack of hard to find or cryptic required game elements, the difficulty, and if the hack can be finished without major guides or tools.
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By Sapphron on May 13, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
145% in 8:55
This is definitely one of my favorite hacks.
The title is misleading, as this is actually a halfhack of Super Metroid: Life, while using some of Wet Dream's tilesets, but it's still extremely well done.
TROM's unique and astonishing graphical abilities strike again, and exploration is phenomenal. The progression isn't very linear, so you can go to many places.
I highly recommend this hack to anyone who has a few days to spare, you won't regret it.
By Syphon on Nov 25, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
141% in 6:48
I never played SM: Life so this felt new for me. This hack is a good one but with a few flaws.

The good:

-Exploration is great with many secrets.
-Sequence breaking is very possible. This is a TROM hack so Supers are an endgame item but you can get Supers early thanks to IBJ which means you can also get Space Jump early for example.
-Level design is good.
-New graphics
-Tube doors are nice.
-Item progession

Now some negatives:

-The landing site's first room state needs a seizure warning. That flashing hurts the eyes.
-The tubes weren't properly closed. You can jump out of them through the top sometimes. Also you could morph through one tube that was closed with a door you were supposed to open by using Plasma Beam to kill the surrounding Pirates.
-Gravity Suit was in an odd spot. Kinda missable if you don't remember that particular spot.
-Blocks respawn to fast. Especially annoying with those Grapple blocks. Permastuck potential.
-I wish the missile refill also got new graphics. Inconsistency.
-Some parts of Maridia were so graphically busy that those spikes which also aren't that visible are hard to see. They sometimes blend in.
-Extreme lag when opening the map in Tourian and in escape.
-Mother Brain's room looks a bit messy and like it was worked on but abandoned halfway through.
-"Escape Immediatelx" typo (nitpicking)
-The escape timer glitched out and became unreadable.
-I love long escapes but this was just the route from Ridley's room to the ship without the escape music so it was anticlimatic.

Also there was a Metroid stuck in the floor in Tourian so I had to use Power Bombs. Not sure if that was on purpose.

It definitely felt a bit unpolished and like a test bed for Hydellius. It would have been a 4-orb hack with more polish.

Still, this hack is fun to play despite the negatives and I do recommend playing it. 3 orbs.
By MetroidMst on Nov 30, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
105% in 0:00
So this is a halfhack of Life, a hack I enjoy a fair bit. Being a halfhack has it's drawbacks as always, but since it is of another hack, I was hoping it wouldn't fall into literally all the halfhack tropes that we all know and love to hate.

This hack falls into the trap that changing the intended path the player is used to automatically makes things interesting. It places items in spots you wouldn't think they'd be at in a natural playthrough, and just causes more confusion and backtracking, and an overall more frustrating experience. This isn't a bug fix, it's another halfhack.

Now, if you play this before Life, this will probably feel like a pretty solid hack overall. It does do some very interesting tiling very well, and it's based off of a fairly good hack. You may experience some extra long periods of trying to find where to go because it's a little more obtuse, but it isn't the worst.
By Tomtroid on Dec 27, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
I agree with MetroidMst. It's just SM: Life all over again. Yes, I did play it, got bored of it. I'll give it 2 out of 5.
By Kremit44 on Dec 02, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
150% in 7:54
This is a hack that largely feels like a whole new game with only a few hints of what was in the original Super Metroid. It's impressive in scope and it's fun but it's also riddled with small flaws that prevent it from being a top hack. I think it's worth playing and I found it to be comparable to Phazon in terms of quality. I've never played Life but I do believe the graphics in this hack really help to give it some personality and set it apart and although not essential I think this is a real boon to this hack given the sheer amount of Vanilla experiences. I'm giving it a 4 because I think it's underrated and impressive in scope but a 3 was strongly considered.

As for the issues. It has numerous sections where platforming can be a chore with spikes and cramped spaces being a constant annoyance. Spikes can also be difficult to notice with some being identical to foreground items (Brinstar) and some being very hard to see (Maridia). Some rooms seem nearly impossible to traverse without being hurt due to unfair layout, getting hit by an unavoidable enemy when entering a room is not uncommon. A lack of enemy drops, especially while dealing with ammo constraints was an annoying issue at times. Parts of this game suffer from being too large and areas can become needlessly tedious to traverse at times with one ways forcing the player to traverse the over bloated Crateria too many times early while hunting for items. Getting lost or having to backtrack an obscenely long way was a major issue until I got Varia and was able to do Norfair. Major upgrades are sometimes in seemingly random places, like Gravity, and could be easily missed when trying to progress. The underwater physics do have some charm but ultimately the fall speed makes traversing through water annoying, thankfully very little suitless water exploration is required. The escape was executed poorly and glitchy. Although not pervasive glitches and softlocks are in this hack and as such I'd recommend having rewind enabled.

This is a hack that IMO snatched mediocrity out from the jaws of excellence as it's numerous small, and fixable mistakes, really hold it back from being what it could be. In saying that it's an impressive accomplishment and a hack I'm glad exists. Thanks to the creator(s) for all the hard work.
By OmegaMalkior on Sep 05, 2021 (Star Star Star Star Star )
124% in 6:52
Definitely one of my favorite rom hacks that I didn't expect it to be. Unlike Lost World where item progression felt like an absolute drag, in here everything flows naturally. And with sequence breaking, you get to have a real blast. Bless those easy IBJ bombs. Getting Super's early felt great. Didn't find Varia at first so did all of Norfair with just the Power Suit (the hell runs WERE PERFECTLY MADE thanks to health replinesher). But I will admit that on the downside of item progression, Ice Beam was in a place the map marks you were already at so make sure to get it or you won't know you missed it. Also, screw Gravity's placement. Really hard to guess it was there. Apart from these issues, definitely a really solid hack to try. Barely felt like a half hack
By Zhs2 on Mar 02, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
125% in 6:46
Not as bad as Lost World methinks but that's mostly because it sits on the shoulders of the good hack it halfhacked: Super Metroid Life. If you've played Life before, the item order is roughly the same (half of the items are not in the same place), but expect all of the typical TROM shenanigans as well: super missiles late (but this is the first TROM hack I've played where you can collect at least 30 easily), lots of loops, zero backtracking in those loops until you gain access to super missiles, forced damage, the usual. It's still pretty tight explorationwise but it's not an overly annoying hack, just a go back and explore things you needed supers or wave for to get major items hack. Maridia in particular is the worst: it's filled with tons upon tons of hard to see spikes, which makes it feel like a punishment area for players. Overall you will be spending extra hours moving through rooms you've already visited to get more stuff. That's called poor design.

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