Super Metroid: Boss
Release date: Dec 15, 2007
Author: Cardweaver
Download: Version 1.0 [UH] (914 downloads)
Genre: Boss Rush [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Vanilla [?]
Average runtime: 1:00
Average collection: 84%
Rating: Star Star Star Star Star
There aren't really any major puzzles or skill requirements; however, there are a couple of times where you'll have to go through a couple of doors because I was having trouble placing the refills and expansions in some of the rooms before the boss. I hope you all enjoy it. For lack of a better name, its been called Super Metroid: Boss
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Ratings and Reviews
By Jet3rd on Oct 28, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
No completion stats.
I mean, Its what it says, but im disappointed, You dont get power bombs before phantoon so you can use x factor, crocimire isnt there at all, and you need to preform zebitite glitch to go through the zebitite room without going back for missiles. I guess if you want a decent and simple almost boss rush hack, here it is.
By Aran;Jaeger on Dec 08, 2016 (Star Star Star Star Star )
120% in 1:43
Animals saved.
By Sapphron on Jul 01, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
48% in 0:17
Your typical boss rush hack. Nothing special. Items are handed to you and you have to sit through quite a bit of fanfare.

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