Super Metroid Contamination
Release date: Sep 03, 2017
Download: 1.03 unheadered (1199 downloads)
Download: 1.03 headered (848 downloads)
Genre: Challenge [?]
Game: SM
Difficulty: Unknown [?]
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Super Metroid Contamination: The Legend of Kraid

Higly suggested to go through this hack even if you decide to look up every solutions. This can teach you many tricks and mechanic you might have not know.
Hit me up on twitter @LioranWaters if you stream it.

Check out my first puzzle hack aswell.

This is my second hack which is a follow up to "Super Metroid Containment Chamber" puzzle hack I made back in 2015.

-This is a puzzle hack, You can not proceed without finishing the next puzzle,There is no hidden items and no hidden path.

-All the mechanic used are native to the original engine.

-If at any point you think you forgot something and need to go back you are misunderstanding the hack.

-The hack is not meant to kill you, Recharge stations and saves are plenty full.

-Even if you believe this hack is too technical for you, it is good to go through the hack, it will teach you new things about the Super Metroid engine.

-If you get stuck and don't know what to do look at the readme/hint file. It contains hints and video links to the solutions.


Hack designed by Lioran

Puzzle ideas Aran Jaeger and Lioran

Music composition Kottpower

SM music conversion Metaquarius

Various assembly mods and help Smiley

Original music links

Alternate Norfair:
Alternate Green Brinstar:
Alternate Red Brinstar:
Alternate Wrecked: ship:
Alternate Crateria:

Also random Metroid 1 song cameo
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Ratings and Reviews
By kojakt on Feb 08, 2018 (Star Star Star Star Star )
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A hack anyone can play and (almost) nobody can beat blindly, Contamination is unique in a way matched only by its predecessor, Containment Chamber (which I would highly recommend playing before starting this one.) Basically a showcase of many of SM’s lesser known mechanics, (or rather an exploitation of its physics?) this hack will challenge every player, from the beginner to elite masters of the game, but does so without repeated death or demanding high-level execution. The challenge lies within solving problems and learning the game’s most obscure mechanical possibilities. Each room is a new puzzle that will leave you scratching your head for hours, making each breakthrough massively rewarding. The completely remade soundtrack perfectly compliments what feels like an entirely new SM experience. Lioran and Aran Jaeger show what can be done when an obsessively intimate knowledge of the game is combined with the vision, acumen, and ability of a high-quality hacker. If you think you know a lot about SM, this hack is here to prove you wrong. 9/10

Also, as mentioned in the hack description, I would recommend contacting Lioran if you do stream this hack. Having the author there to offer insight as you progress or advice if you get stuck adds an extra level of enjoyment and accessibility.

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