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Best Challenge 2016
Winner: Cliffhanger Redux by Digital_Mantra
Cliffhanger is the single greatest "pure" challenge hack of Super Metroid. It can be excruciatingly punishing, but never feels unfair in that sense. It very clearly signals to you what you've done wrong, and no challenge feels out of reach beyond the player's ability to achieve what the hack asks you to do. Coupled with its excellent design, Cliffhanger Redux is a must-play for those looking for brutal Super Metroid gameplay.
- Miranda Gemini

I almost don't want to vote for Cliffhanger Redux on principle. It ruins the original, which had death traps and this tames it way down. However, there is a lovely awful room in Wrecked Ship now.
- MetroidMst

A challenge hack that feels like a full hack with some nice Aesthetics figures
- benox50

Among the whole list of hacks from 2016, I would see only 1 other hack besides Cliffhanger Redux that is on a close, similarly formidable level of providing a challenge to grow with as player, and that is Super Metroid OHKO.

However, I'm certain that most players rather lack the technical expertise they would be able to develop with Cliffhanger Redux rather than needing more focused practice at a few boss fights, or adjusting to a slower and that way more controllable and safer play style to compensate for the lack of energy, or becoming more familiar with enemy placement and behavior in Super Metroid in order to counter these threats. And overcoming Cliffhanger Redux provides a wider range of additional gameplay skills of which I think they would prepare players better for future challenging endeavors - mainly due to being taught how to move Samus effectively and safely in unusual terrain - than from further Phantoon, Norfair Ridley, and Mother Brain boss fights, especially since the Ceres Ridley fight has been cut out in Super Metroid OHKO. As far as my personal experience is concerned, having been practiced at those boss fights already made them a lot less bothersome than they could've been otherwise.
- Aran;Jaeger

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