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Best Quick Play 2016
Winner: Super Metroid: Y-Faster by Metaquarius
It's difficult to imagine a more perfect example of a hack designed to be played quickly than Y-Faster. At it's very core, you're challenged to race through the hack, and it forces the player to think quickly and play quickly. What puts Y-Faster above the competition, though, is both its technicality, and that it is chock full of secrets to uncover and exploration that can seemingly only be completed on multiple playthroughs. Y-Faster is one of the few hacks that is both designed for the player to race through, and for the player to unwind.
- Miranda Gemini

The Y-Faster's adoption of Mega Man-style non-linearity allows for extensive replayability. The complex web of interdependencies between the upgrades you get in each area and their uses in other areas makes for some very fun routing options, both for speedruns and for self-imposed challenges.
- RT-55J

Variety of styles and relatively short experience keep Y-Faster fresh.
- MetroidMst

In its serie, first Y-Faster definitly has the Faster part, backed by good replay value with the choice of the area in any order
- benox50

When I think Quick Play, I think Y-Faster. This series of hacks is designed around the concept of quick play more than almost any other short hack, and they're well made too. Give Y-Faster a play!
- nodever2

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