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Best Exploration 2013
Winner: Airy by Cyclamen32
Exploration in Metroid, the staple of the series, is something all larger hacks should strive to master. It is what could be the single biggest breaking point for how enjoyable the hack is. Airy went a little beyond enjoyable with an outrageous exploration focus. Airy was enjoyable to run around in and just look because you never knew what to expect. This seems to be a nice peaceful corrid- why isn't the screen scroll- OH NO BIG METROID! Not to mention an area filled with bubbles where Cyclamen32 just seemed to randomly drop every major upgrade he forgot to place elsewhere. Looking around the hack just leaves you with wonder. Wonder about how this thing even got finished in a beatable fashion.

Airy was clearly meant for the player to just look around and find stuff. There are some twists and turns, such as the aforementioned Big Metroid, but there is no challenge to be found. You literally look around wondering if you're sequence breaking while collecting stuff. And in the bubble area, you suddenly go from average Samus to ultimate warrior Samus in the span of 5 rooms. The strange item placement and ease of access to pretty much the entire hack make this a very fun and enjoyable experience to just look around.
- MetroidMst

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