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Most Creative Gameplay 2013
Winner: B2-TW

What happens when you throw Grime into a cramped room and tell him he can't get any beer until he makes a hack? You get Samus stuck in a Morph Ball and lots of spikes. While Morph Ball puzzles and gimmicks have been around, Grime put it use as a platforming item, with the eventual upgrades allowing more freedom of movement and even more challenges. Pretty much every other hack this past year has your usual Metroid set-up. B2-TW is the only hack to really challenge the usual approach to Metroid this year, and rightfully wins the award. And special shoutout for making save stations work with the Morph Ball. The only other thing to be said about the hack, is that the end boss was especially interesting. No one expects their vegetables to attack during dinner.

- MetroidMst