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Best Challenge 2013
Winner: Low Impact

This category may come down to how people define "best" challenge. It is either challenge that the players felt was entirely fair, but still proved difficult. Or simply, that best meant it was the hardest. Low Impact is very aptly named for this category, as Samus can only survive a very minimal fall without sudden combustion of her suit happening. Anything beyond one full jump, and you're dead. Even collecting Energy Tanks have minimal impact on how long you can fall, as the difference between losing 99 Energy, or 299 Energy seems to be mere pixels. And after the first ledge, conveniently placed for the player's quick death tutorial, the player knows what is going on and must calculate every move. The lone save station becomes a savior, as after every new upgrade the player frantically tries to make it back to that point alive.

Also important to mention, is Daltone knew exactly what he was doing. Even going so far as to put in death-traps for the player to unwittingly find. Think you have successfully navigated a walljumping section? HA! That nice little ledge is just crumble blocks. Go back to start noob. Daltone also makes sure to tell the player they suck on the game over screen too, adding insult to challenge. One wonders what trauma Daltone went through to create this masterpiece of pain and suffering.

- MetroidMst