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Best Aesthetics 2013
Winner: Low Impact

If there was one good thing about the inevitable landslide of deaths involved in playing Low Impact, it is that you at least got to look at something nice. Lots of nice palettes and FX1 effects going is always nice, but the subtle touches on some of the hidden paths and general scenery really makes an impact on the player. What does Daltone do for those poor underground statues that some get light on them? Gives them sunglasses made of bubbles. That's what. In reality, Low Impact probably needed to look as good as it does in order for people to consider beating it. A hack that outright kills you and looks ugly/average? Players can find that anywhere. However, since it was apparent there was a lot of effort that went into how it looks, it gives the player some extra motivation to see the hack through. Even in rooms with colors that would make a rainbow puke, Daltone manages to keep things in order and looking good. The only unfortunate thing here, is that there is possibly a lot of players who will never see 60% of the hack, just because the difficulty of it. Low Impact may not be your favorite hack, but it is definitely worth a look.

- MetroidMst