Map Overhaul
Release Date: Dec 08, 2021
Author: MFreak
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Map Overhaul is a patch which adds and changes a lot of stuff in the map system of Super Metroid.

There are a lot of additions so bare with me:
- changed minimap routine, it doesn't use graphics from the already loaded HUD tiles anymore.
Instead it constructs the tiles and transfers it into the HUD graphics if needed.
This allows for more maptile variations without being restricted to the HUD graphics.
- all 8 palettes can be use for maptiles in the pause screen.
- maptiles can have different tiles as coverup if this area hasn't been explored yet.
- palettes in the pause screen are not restricted to "explored" and "unexplored" types.
Every palette can have a designated "unexplored palette" bound to it. For example: unexplored palette variant of pal 2 (normal) can be 0 (yellow)
- items can change maptiles. Very useful to remove dots which indicates items, if the item is collected.
- adds a maptile glow effect. You can control which palette should have a transitional color effect.
- adds a switch map function into the pause screen. By pressing select in the pause screen you can load the map of a different area you have visited.

Below are images from areas of an included example patch which shows what is possible with this patch.
More info in the included README. Have fun!
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