Flying ship v1.0
Release Date: Mar 12, 2016
Author: Black Falcon
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
- adds the ability for Samus's ship to fly from and to whatever room you want (you can even define the room it should land after Ceres)
- Landing sites can be unlocked throughout the game by finding them
- a system similar to Metroid Prime 3 to keep track of the ship's position (also on the pause map)
- autopilot feature for calling your ship if you're crossing a landing site (no button combo required like in the video)
- you can set up extra conditions, such as item/door/boss/event bits ahving to be set first before unlocking new landing sites!
- a ton of other customization options such as delays, speeds and sfx for all kinds of ship related things
- being able to define up to 256 landing sites! Yes, flying can be fun!

Zip contains everything you need to set it up.
Contact me if you have any isses (though don't bother if it's related to conflicts with other asm).
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