M2 samus on the fly
Release Date: Jan 13, 2024
Author: MarioFan2468
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: M2
remember how i told you guys that i wanted megaman xtreme style on the fly graphics loading
well now its a reality

samus graphics now occupy $20 (32) tiles, leaving $5A (90) unused tiles in sprite-only vram for your usage

the differences in graphics:
brand new sprites for varia space jump, varia screw attack and both combined, instead of recycling those from power suit
samus gun no longer has its "i havent switched to missiles yet this session" variant
there are four pixels of outline on one of the animation frames of running varia samus's kneecap that have disappeared to reduce sprite count

other than that it should play exactly the same as vanilla, save for some enemy flicker i noticed and a tiny bit of lag

i have adjusted the varia suit acquiring routines to fit this new way of storing samus graphics

there is a glitch when jumping repeatedly low to the ground and wiggling left to right while aiming downwards that can create destructible blocks in thin air
maybe i could disable scrolling temporarily and listen for nametable data writes to find out where in code this happens
i may update this with a fix if i find out
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