FX Overhaul
Release Date: Nov 29, 2023
Author: MFreak
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
This patch changes the code of most FX effects and layer configurations and adds options to it for MUCH more variety. Following changes are:
- All FX effect types make use of the liquid values and flag slots in their own way
- Liquids, Haze and BG3 background can have configurable tide (effects) now
- The spores, rain and fog effect have adjustable auto scroll speed
- Adjusted scrolling sky effect
- Added a unique effect, which acts like a configurable "static power bomb explosion"
- BG Glow can have different colors assigned to it other than black and controllable intensity per kill
- Haze has the most changes (controllable haze size, color options, tide effects)
- A lot more layer type configuration possibilities
FX animated tiles and palettes have not been changed (maybe in the future)
A manual in form of a pdf file is provided to explain what changes do anything. Below are images what the patch is capable of.

For SMART compatibility, it seems to not conflict with anything, but I would be careful with that.
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