Template v1.2.1
Release Date: Jul 05, 2011
Author: squishy_ichigo
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
[download] .rar file, all files included (1057 downloads)
Game: SM
This is a clean slate for those starting a new hack.

If you know what you are doing, and you are starting a new hack, this might be for you.
If you don't know what you are doing, go learn.
If you are not starting a new hack, then this isn't for you unless you want to copy/paste all you stuff over.

PLMs repointed to $B8, $8F and $83 cleaned out minus necessary data, and the default data that I put in to start you off. Same with graphics tables, tiles, and palettes. Enemy pop and set also cleaned out.

READ ME included in download, see 'Template Notes.rtf'.

Update Notes:
- Fixed a bug with the PLM repoint causing the game not to work.
- Cleaned out $83, which I had neglected to clean out by accident.
- Re-repointed PLMs to $B8 due to the game being unable to read them at $CD.
- Shifted All gfx down a bank due to PLM repoint.
- Added 'QUICKMET.BIN', Instructions on how to use this file are in the updated 'Template Notes.rtf'.
- 'Template v1.2.ips' is still the same, no need to re-patch or change anything.
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