Draygon Destruction Timer Modifications
Release Date: Jun 21, 2023
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
Game: SM
Draygon Destruction Timer Modifications.

Based 100% off FullOfFail and JAM'S timers.

Utilize Zebes or Ceres timers anywhere.


Version 2.0


Zebes Timer now points to $0A02 in RAM.

Each timer script can have its own specific length now.

Added timers for area Mini-Bosses and Torizos.

Special Timer for Mother Brain.


Five different conditions (Area Boss, Mini-Boss, and Torizo Defeated, Enemies Needed Matches Enemies Killed, Timer Triggered by Another Event.)

Event OE engaged in every timer (so you don't watch Ceres detonate.)

Unset options for the timers. (Safety zone room to enter which kills the timer and unsets Event 0E.)

Special Ceres-only script which engages the countdown at Ceres Station and changes room states.

Timers are written to Room ASM locations in $8F. Unset scripts are in the same bank but used in the Setup ASM field in the editor.

Known issue: the room shake can be stopped by a super missile, no matter which Vanilla earthquake routine is summoned.


FullOfFail, Scyzer, JAM, Smiley, Jathys, Mon73, PJBoy, Black Falcon, dewhi100, and Insane Firebat (for helping me figure out how to use events as conditions.)

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