Map Progression
Release Date: Feb 27, 2023
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] 7zip Archive (79 downloads)
Game: MZM
Adds map progression. The map starts out very blank and gets more detailed with each map station you use. Progression is spread out across 5 upgrades, and also effects unexplored tiles:

Tier 0 - default: Very basic gray boxes with white outlines. Blue if explored
Tier 1 - 1 map download: Adds save and map station icons to the map
Tier 2 - 2 map downloads: Map differentiates room types (normal, secret, heat, heated secret)
Tier 3 - 3 map downloads: Reveals blue doors, paths, and major items
Tier 4 - 4 map downloads: Reveals red/green/yellow doors, and chozo refills
Tier 5 - 5 map downloads: Reveals item circles and dots.
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