Ammo Sizing (per pickup) v1
Release Date: Apr 05, 2015
Author: adamf
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
The original game uses a PLM argument as the value for ammo (missile/super missile/power bomb) expansions. Meaning, the pickup sizes are based on whether the item is in the open, in a Chozo ball, or hidden in the scenery.

This patch lets the 'high' byte in SMILE set the ammo count granted by the pickup, per-pickup. So any individual pickup may carry from 1-127 ($7F) units. 0 uses the default value from the PLM argument, so your pickups still "do stuff" even if you haven't set a specific count.

Limits the max item index to $FF, although the original game's limit is only $AF already.
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