Release Date: Dec 22, 2022
Author: moehr
Type: Patches
Rating: Pending
[download] .ips file (512 downloads)
Game: M2
IPS that adds an in-game pause screen map feature. The gunship, save stations, refills, beam locations and collectible items are marked on the map with their own icon. Dots representing items that can be collected are removed from the map once the item is collected.

Pause screen HUD modified to show current in-game time along with items collected from total available.

Some minor graphic changes to allow for enough tiles that rooms can be differentiated.

Gameplay is otherwise unchanged. Whether or not to play the original without the map first is up to you, though simply having the map changes the experience a lot.
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Ratings and Reviews
By Amso71 on Mar 12, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
A great feature for simple QOL for the main game, and also a great feature for a potential hack with a more sophisticated map.
An extremely underrated resource in my opinion.
By OmegaDragnet9 on Mar 12, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
Having tried the alpha and now this latest beta version I really love how this improves the experience of Metroid 2.

I'm still in the middle of this campaign, but I've gotten enough of a feel for this resource to give my two-cents. Simply having a map makes this game go from a confusing mess to more of a proper adventure. I feel this could open up the game to a lot of folks who might have tried Metroid 2 and put it down for the map's absence in the original.

Moehr, thanks for the patch.

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