Beam Patch / Improved Projectile Block Collision
Release Date: Aug 21, 2022
Author: MFreak
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] BeamPatch (42 downloads)
[download] BeamPatch (19 downloads)
Game: SM
BeamPatch is a visual altering patch with some beam designs made by me.
Mainly it changes some of the "draw projectile sprite" and the "construct beam trail" routines to optimize and expand things in there.
A lot of changes in bank $93 (mainly beam instruction and sprite changes) and $9B (just beam trail section) will be made.
This patch also contains JAM's SpazerPlasmaMix (altered) as an option.

Options in the main patch file are included to change various things mention below, as this patch doesn't do any obvious changes on its own.
Current options are:

+ Making visual changes to beams.
Current visual options are: vanilla, altered, simple, minimal and bulky, as seen in the gif below.
There also are visual movement pattern options with their hitboxes adjusted:
- default: beam pattern as vanilla as possible
- smooth : same as default, but with smoother beam pattern
- shifted: outer projectiles of spazer are slightly behind center projectile
- wobble : wave beam does small sine wave patterns instead of big ones
- zigzag : wave beam does triangle wave patterns instead

+ Option to combine spazer and plasma beam together

+ Various beam trail options:
- control which beam combo display what beam trail
- more beam trail variants
- changing beam trail spawn/start delay

So experiment around with the options in this patch and most of all, have fun!

--- Changelog v1.1.1 ---
- ASAR compatible
- some minor changes

--- Changelog v1.1 ---
- added changes to projectile block collision in bank $94
- new patch: "Improved Projectile Block Collision", a seperate patch which only changes the projectile block collision
- some code changes
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By nodever2 on Jan 19, 2023 (Star Star Star Star Star )
Impressive and powerful patch. Extremely well done, I LOVE patches with such a great amount of customization options.

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