Relaxed Round Robin CF
Release Date: Jun 25, 2022
Author: dagit
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] asar asm (84 downloads)
[download] ips for unheadered vanilla (79 downloads)
Game: SM
Changes CF logic to the following (what I call 'round robin'):
* Instead of needing at least 10/10/10 ammo to start a CF, you can now start one even at 0/0/0 (not counting the PB that kicks off the whole process)
* After consuming 1 ammo of some type, it moves on to a different type. Cycling missile -> supers -> pbs -> missiles -> etc
* If one of your ammo types is at 0, it skips over it
* CF ends when: your ammo is 0/0/0 OR a total of 30 ammo has been consumed
* underflow glitch is no longer possible due to the way checking for the next ammo type works

Everything else about CF should be vanilla. You get 50 hp per ammo consumed (same as vanilla). Glitches like CF suit should be the same. Etc. with the caveat that you can't do the low% style crazy ammo counts anymore. if your ammo is 10/10/10 when the CF starts, you would end with 0/0/0 like vanilla, but if you had say 30/10/5, you would end with 15/0/0. The reason for the round robin part is to be fair about which ammo it consumes. It spreads it out as much as it can. You can also CF with less than 30 ammo. For example if you had 0/0/1 when the CF starts, it would grant 50 hp and stop.
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By nodever2 on Jul 07, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
I like this idea a lot and this patch is a good base for modifying CF further. Good QoL.

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