Beginner Friendly Animated Tiles Guide
Release Date: May 15, 2022
Author: Nodever2
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Game: SM
Finally decided to upload this to the main site. This guide contains a tutorial and explanation of all of the parts of animated tiles, and sample code which you can apply to your ROM to make a new one.

Just know that this guide is mostly targeted at people new to ASM, if you already know what you're doing all you need to know is that animated tiles object lists are at $83AC76, which point to objects in $87. All other related data is in $87. PJ's docs should get you most of the rest of the way there.

This document is provided in .asm format because it also includes a sample animated tile that you can apply to your ROM. The "guide" part of it is all the comments, which compose the majority of the file.

Thanks to PJBoy for his docs, amoeba and TestRunner for help with VRAM addresses, and DC for his research on animated tiles.
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