Input2Demo (MF/ZM)
Release Date: Nov 20, 2021
Type: Tools
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Game: MZM
This LUA script records gameplay and outputs it as a Demo File that can be imported using MAGE. Use it to make the demos that play during the title sequence do whatever you want.

To use:
1) open your rom in VBA rerecording or an emulator that supports LUA scripting

2) Go to where you want your demo to start

3) pause

4) Run the lua script

5) unpause (starts recording the demo input)

6) Do what you want to be in the demo

7) pause (ends recording the demo input, and outputs "test.mgd" in the folder that the lua script is in)

Note: there is a limit to how long the demo can be, and that is based on the number of inputs that are recorded.

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