Advanced Arm Cannon Palette
Release Date: Nov 07, 2021
Author: MFreak
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] Advanced Arm Cannon Palette v1.1 (65 downloads)
Game: SM
Advanced arm cannon palette changes samus's arm cannon palette depending on beam combination.
In addition this patch also adds a beam glow effect on samus when shooting a beam projectile while charge beam is equipped.

There are 2 patch variants: BASIC and OPTIONS.
BASIC just changes arm cannon palette based on beams equipped.
OPTIONS has the same changes as BASIC and also adds the possibility to change the arm cannon
(and beam palettes) with palette presets. It adds 2 new options in the special settings:
- "Cannon Color Setting": moves you to a seperate menu where you can change the cannon color with presets.
- "Apply Color To Beam": applies an unique beam palette to all beam variations based on the cannon palette.

This patch uses freespace $85D000 until the end of bank $85 by default and some in bank $9B for arm cannon palettes.
If you use the OPTIONS patch it also uses freespace in bank $90 for beam palettes, which can be put anywhere in the ROM, too.

More information in the included README.
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Ratings and Reviews
By P.Yoshi on Jun 06, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
I'm still playing around with this, but so far it seems like the exact thing I'm looking for.
By dewhi100 on Apr 16, 2024 (Star Star Star Star Star )
It's really a five orb resource, except that it's not Asar compatible and could easily be made to be so. To fix it, the {} brackets need to be given their own lines, and you need to change an LDA to LDA.w in one spot:

LDA.w #!BankCannonPalette/$10000 : STA !DPSourcePaletteBank ;save cannon color bank

This is for the "basic" patch. The advanced one may need more tweaks yet.

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