Event Triggers from Killing Enemies
Release Date: Jul 18, 2021
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] Without Screen Shake (41 downloads)
[download] With Screen Shake (41 downloads)
Game: SM
Triggers an event bit after killing all the enemies in a room. The number of enemies needed to trigger it is the same as the number of enemies needed to "clear" the room. The event bit set by the ASM is the same as the "Room Index" of the room you use the code in. Change the org location to wherever you have sufficient space in Bank $8F. Uses 16 bytes of free space. Use a room's Main ASM pointer to trigger this code.

The second version of this code additionally triggers a screen shake when the event is triggered. This version uses 44 bytes of free space.

I highly recommend changing the write locations of these files, as they may not line up with the free space you currently have with your hack. You absolutely must change at least one of them if you plan on applying both patches to the same ROM, as they will overwrite each other.

ASM Code by MetroidNerd#9001 with help from P.JBoy
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