Samus Combat Armor
Release Date: Jul 14, 2020
Author: Munchy
Type: Graphics
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
A redesign of Samus inspired by her Zero Suit, but with slightly more armor.

You'll need an unheadered Japanese ROM to get this working

Please feel free to use in your hacks (all I ask is a mention in the credits :wink:). Equally, if you wanna add/alter poses then go for it (not everyone will like the high-aim on her, for example. It wouldn't be hard for someone to implement a low slung version with SPARTA though I didn't like any of the attempts I made at the beginning of this project. I appreciate that the high aim may ocasionally cause a soft lock for some existing hacks. so you may need to adapt stuff a bit in SMILE sometimes).

Enjoy :)

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