Super Metroid Hacking Bible V2.0 Final
Release Date: Nov 02, 2013
Author: Full Of Fail
Type: Other
Rating: Pending
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Game: SM
Found and Re-uploaded by Palmy - Originally Compiled By FullOfFail

Release Date: November 2, 2013
(Strait from Full of Fails website)

The Super Metroid Hacking Bible includes everything I could gather related to hacking Super Metroid. My motive for making this Bible was so in-case I ever need to switch computers or can't use the Internet, for whatever reasons. Now I can just open this, and grab what I need. I suppose you could say I work hard at being lazy. It started out for personal use, but then I realized how handy it is to have everything readily available, and decided to make it a public project. Consider it an (old) downloadable version of metconst. Oh, and one more Note: When reading the Info docs included, most are made by the original authors of, say, a patch. I just copy and pasted in most cases. If it says *I (FullOfFail)* made this when talking about a patch or software, just assume it's that person talking, and not me. There's 5 different sections. (In this collection)
Ratings and Reviews
By Palmy_Risen on Dec 05, 2020 (Star Star Star Star Star )
A REALLY useful gem to have. It definitely needs some updates to it (might find some time to add to it myself) but overall - real handy with some harder to find things baked in. FoF has been in the dark for sometime and it took a fair bit of hunting (thanks again to the Wayback Machine for having the download luckily) and I wanted to bring it back since modding SM is gaining popularity. When it gets updated again, it will hopefully have a bigger collection of stuff that been created since this 2013 release. (i.e emu's and Level Editors for starters). Great for having offline resource bundles in a pinch!

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