Indexed Item Pickup Sounds
Release Date: Jul 15, 2020
Author: FelicityVi
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] Main ASM file (232 downloads)
Game: SM
Yet another ASM patch that lets you change item pickup sounds. This one operates on item indexes though, and has a few more features. You can choose to have fanfare for an item (such as a major upgrade) and the message box will last the normal 6 seconds, or if you choose a sound effect it will be 30 frames. Also, it can optionally override the value provided for the first expansion item of a certain type you pick up (so that your first missile has fanfare, and the rest can be quick sound effects).

Should be compatible with pretty much any hack unless you moved fundamental PLM routines, but if you messed with PLM instructions then the fanfare override might not work. It's also worth noting that this patch automatically works with any custom item PLMs, as long as they include an instruction to queue the item fanfare music.

NOTE: If you were using Scyzer's itemsounds.asm patch before, you will need to apply the second patch to revert those changes. Otherwise my patch will do nothing. You should be able to apply them in either order. Note that the start of the sound table for my patch will have dead code from itemsounds.asm in it, so make sure you go to the right address. I recommend filling the whole table with FF FF to start with.

Free space used: $84:EFE0 - $84:F334 (26FE0 - 27334)
RAM addresses used: $05D5, $05D7 (debug values)

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