Compact Font
Release Date: Jul 07, 2020
Author: FelixWright
Type: Graphics
Rating: Pending
[download] .7zip (88 downloads)
Game: MF
Contents of ZM_Font_Update.7z are as follows:
- 6837AC_68AFAC_W32_H6.gfx
- 6891CC_W1_H1.gfx
- MFUFontWidths.bin

These graphics are in uncompressed, RAW format.

Offset: 0x6837AC and 0x68AFAC
Width: 32
Height: 6

Offset: 0x6891CC
Width: 1
Height: 1

Import using the MAGE graphics editor: Graphics -> Import -> Raw...

For the font widths, copy the contents of the BIN file and go to offset 0x576234. Paste in write mode (Ctrl+B) to replace the original widths with new ones.
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