The Resources of Fusion: Evilution
Release Date: Mar 08, 2020
Author: kkzero
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
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Game: MF
This is a collection of asm and music files used for my old unfinished hack, Fusion: Evilution.
Just about every music that isn't the unused ones uses voicegroup 0xA5FBC with the custom samples.
As for the misc. asm...
bombtank - Turns the PB tank into an upgrade that gives normal bombs on first obtain, then has room for one PB tank.
chargelvl1 - Makes Security Level 1's lock give charge beam. I think this one also gives super missiles on Level 2.
fansandpercentage - Credit to CaptGlitch for the bomb fans, and Mar99troid for the custom percentage parts. My addition was a clipdata that set the event to right before BOX once hit with a morph ball bomb.
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