Super Metroid Projectile Speeds
Release Date: Feb 22, 2020
Author: Raygun
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] .asm file (361 downloads)
Game: MZM
Makes projectile speeds act like they do In super metroid. Projectiles fly in straight lines and dont accelerate or decelerate mid air.
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By Cosmic on Jan 22, 2022 (Star Star Star Star Star )
Normally in MZM, your horizontal speed is constantly effecting the speed of projectiles. If you're moving towards your shots, they move faster. If you stop moving or turn around, they are slower.

With this patch, projectile velocity is determined by your speed before shooting. If you are running, the shot is faster, even if you stop moving after. If you shoot while standing still, the shot stays slow, even when you run after it.

IMO a good QOL change for MZM, especially considering that none of these speed shenanigans happen when shooting vertically. Similar to the offscreen projectiles patch, this makes tricks like reverse Long Beam room easier.

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