Zero Mission Hacking Toolkit (ZMHT)
Release Date: Feb 09, 2020
Author: FelixWright
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] ZMHT v0.2 -- 03/29/2020 (79 downloads)
[download] ZMHT 0.3 -- 07/14/2022 (242 downloads)
[forum] Forum Thread
Game: MZM
ZMHT is a modular base for future zero mission ROMhacks. Every ASM is easily toggleable on and off via commenting them out in the main file, zmht.asm.

- Put a vanilla MZM (U) rom in the extracted folder and rename it to [zm.gba].
- Drag [zmht.asm] over armips.exe and armips should spit out a file named [output.gba].
- To disable an ASM patch, open zmht.asm in a text editor and add a semicolon (;) in front of lines of patches you do not want to have applied. Then, re-run armips. It will overwrite the previous output.gba file.
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