Release Date: Dec 15, 2019
Author: mccad00
Type: Assembly
Rating: Pending
[download] .asm file (424 downloads)
Game: SM
MOAR ITEMS adds 3 new, unique upgrades to Super Metroid without overwriting or disabling any of the vanilla items, as well as PLMs to unlock them. The equipment bits are loaded to $7ED8AE.

WAVE DASH: While spinjumping, hold run and double tap left or right to become temporarily invulerable and dash through enemies.

HAMMERBALL: While in the morph ball, hold down and press 'Aim down' midair to preform an incredibly fast downward attack. Destroys speedbooster blocks and utilizes the shinespark contact damage index

GAUSS MISSLES: A direct upgrade to your standard missiles. Greatly increases their travel speed and preforms 1.5X more damage.

To place these item PLMS using smile, you'll need to add the included .gif files into smile RF's "PLM" directory.

DISCLAIMER:THE NEW ITEMS DO NOT HAVE CUSTOM MESSAGE BOXES! Adding the new message boxes for these items is up to you, and can be done with existing resources somewhat easily.

If you run into any issues using this resource, contact me on discord: mccad00#8360
Ratings and Reviews
By Metroid3D on Dec 16, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
Opposition looks a little weird, but I'm glad it finally released.
By MetroidNerd#9001 on Dec 16, 2019 (Star Star Star Star Star )
Nice to have a change of pace when it comes to what items you collect. I may use this in a future hack, but either way, this is great.

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